Aangeboden: Looking for an IOT Solution? Want to connect your embedded device to cloud and remote access?

Geplaatst door bachu
Datum vrijdag 07-12-2018 15:49
Hello CircuitsOnline Reader,
I am freelancer Embedded software designer, and would like to offer any iot solution you might need for your embedded project or need support in DIY project. Let me know. My core expertise is Embedded C, C/C++, NodeJS and cloud based exposure using GCP/AWS etc.

Do you desire to:
1. Send data to cloud directly from your embedded device?
2. Remotely access your embedded device?
3. Want to achieve LowPower mode of operation?
4. Looking for a combo solution by communicating with mutiple embedded devices using BLE and then uploading data to cloud using wifi?

All this really simpler than you think. With the invention of PSOC and cloud based open source sdk's. The world has opened a ocean of oppurtunities. Add cool features to your products including voice based selection and feedback, collect statistics and etc., using cloud solutions.

Want to know more about connecting embedded devices to cloud, drop me an email.

- Bachu V