Aangeboden: LPC55S69-EVK: LPCXpresso55S69 Development Board

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echnical and Functional Specifications
LPC55S69 dual core Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller running at up to 150 MHz.
Memory Expansion
Micro SD card slot (4-bit SDIO).
UART and SPI port bridging from LPC55S69 target to USB via the onboard debug probe.
High and full speed USB ports with micro A/B connector for host or device functionality.
Onboard, high-speed USB, Link2 debug probe with CMSIS-DAP and SEGGER J-Link protocol options.
Hardware support for external debug probe.
NXP MMA8652FCR1 accelerometer
Stereo audio codec with a line in/out
Expansion Options
MikroEletronika Click expansion option
LPCXpresso-V3 expansion connectors compatible with Arduino® UNO Rev3
PMod compatible expansion / host connector
User Interface
RGB user LED, plus Reset, ISP, Wake, and user buttons