Aangeboden: ICL7660 maakt negative spanning van positieve 1,5V - 10V

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Datum zondag 20-11-2022 16:54
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The ICL7660 is a monolithic CMOS charge pump IC which performs voltage inversion from (+1.5 to +10V) to (-1.5V to -10V) with negligible losses. The IC comes as 8 pin PDIP and SOIC package from the manufacturers. As mentioned above, this IC can be used to invert the voltage. The basic circuit and some application circuits can be found on the datasheet and application note. The IC requires only two external capacitors for voltage inverting application circuits. The capacitors values are predefined values given in the datasheet. The two capacitors are connected as per the polarity in the circuit. Especially, the positive and negative pins of output capacitor C2 must be connected to the ground and the pin 5 of the ICL7660. The basic voltage inverting circuit is given below. 
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Mooi voor voeding opamp, negative rooster spanning in buizenversterker, sommige soorten C-mos IC's hebben dit nodig.