Service manual Philips PM3264 oscilloscope

Hello gentlemen. Is there someone on this forum who can help me with a service manual for Philips PM3264? I tried to find it online for months at no result. I have two of them (broken) bought from marktplaats and without the service manual I'm kind of lost. Alvast bedankt.

At Schematheek you can order the service documentation...

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I e-mailed them... don't know how long it takes.

I have a copy, but that's a 5 cm thick pack of paper. I am really to lazy to copy that.

If you would discover in the future you should need an OM504, I can help you. The OM504 is a custom made defelction amplifier IC.

All OMxxx IC's are hard to get Philips parts.

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Thanks for the info. For now I will refurbish the power supplies. I ordered the parts already from China and I'm waiting for them. Because it is a hobby project I'm not in a hurry. Hope I get the manual because I want to check all the components. The way they look they were serviced before but not with a lot of attention (a few screws are missing, some sloppy welding). I will keep you guys informed about the progress.

I also have the service manual in paper form. But, like Tidak Ada, i'm to lazy to make a full digital scan out of it. Maybe only the schematic of the power supply is sufficent for you? Or what are you eccactly looking for?

I repaired the high voltage power supply of my own PM3264 scope. After the repair, a couple of years back, the scope is still working for 100%.

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I need for now to know how to dismantle the front part. The diagram for the power supply I have and I already started the refurbish.

to disamble the front part, all the knobs have to come off, then the nuts of some switches have to come off, maybe also the testpoint. then can the front aluminum plate come off en are the screws reachable where the front is helt with on the frame.

schematics of the philips PM3262 are mostly the same, psu also. known problem is the cascade for the HV of the crt. if you smell ozon when the scope is on, its allready broken..

here are the schematics of the psu and HV for the pm3264..,100mhz_oscillos...nload.html

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I hope out of the two PM3264 I'll be able to save at least one. I found on one of the pcb's (which I suspect it's the additional stabilisation part of unit 12) some transistors BD136&135 that look like they sustained a lot of heat and that gives me hope that the tube and high voltage part is functional. Anyway I will not put power on until I don't refurbish the supply since the capacitors look bad and some are blown on that pcb. The thing is that they were not used for a very long time and even after I make sure that the PCB's are checked I'll have to clean everything on the front panel (switches and pots).

sometimes you find components that are became blue on the cooling side due to heat coused of a problem in the power supply.

if the scope isnt used for many years, you better replace the capacitors in the psu. they have problems when stored in a warm dry place over years. when measuring they look good, but within a day of use and heat they can be almost loose all their capacity. dont forget they are 45 years old allready..

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HAHA.. I know that mate... Another reason I wanted to restore this is that the manufacturing date on them is 1985 the year I was born :)). I ordered all the electrolitic capacitors from China and some of the transistors (they were really cheap). I have acces to some good measuring devices and even if some of the capacitors are in the right uf range the ESR is not. I think that you agree with me that I have to start with the PSU... After I make sure that it's ok I will power up and go upstream to see what goes on. The last thing will be a cleaning.

The manual would make thighs easier because I can follow the problem directly on the diagram and not wonder around on the PCB.

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Thanks. I found that already. I also e-mailed maybe I'll get an answer. I am willing to pay for the manual.

OK... my first snag. Do I have to desolder the BNC plug on the right down corner? I got everything out except this for removing the front panel.

Lulian, you can download the manual of the PM 3244 from the site, it is the same scope except the lower bandwidth.
It is not the best copy, but with all the schematics and partlist.
Maybe this helps
73, Wim PA0PGA

Hello Lulian,

if still interested. I have a manual for the PM3264.