[Reverse engineering] USB - Micro SD-kaart lezer / schrijver

I give up, I have done everything, even pass the circuit of the test plate to a universal and welds all the components and does not work.

Oxurano Could you share the file in the circuit eagle and the plate? and maybe tell me where I can get the original Gl827l

In the past, I've bought a batch of 30 pcs at AliExpress. I just checked the seller, but (s)he doesn't offer them anymore.

The Eagle-files are attached to this message. However, I wonder if it will solve your problem. Next, keep in mind the following if you plan to manufacture this board :

1) USB-connector
2) X-Tal
3) Micro-SD socket

Concerning these 3 items, it's important to replace them by the ones you buy for your design.

Van elk bezoek aan CO leer ik weer meer...

Alternatively, you could take a microcontroller with USB and SPI support, preferably a reasonably large one like a STM32F4 with affordable development boards and an example implementation of an SD card as USB mass storage. You'll need a microcontroller anyway if you want to do anything else with the SD card.

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