Phillips AV1002

I have a Phillips AV1002 and one of the three amp boards is not working. The wire harness is supplying the +45V and -45V.

I have been searching for a service manual or any information and have found nothing except a suggestion to come here and that you guys are the Phillips masters.

This is a Marantz development, also known as the AV95C from Marantz. Maybe that model number delivers more info.

With kind regards, Ron.

Thanks. I have also tried searching the clone Marantz AV-95C with no luck.


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That's not a clone but a parallel model as they came from the same production line or at least from the same factory, but anyway since it seems very hard to find a manual, maybe on the off chance that someone has a bright idea, what did you do already to troubleshoot the non working module? If the three modules are identical, you could make comparative measurements. Also, you could reverse engineer the relevant part of the schematic.

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Yes all three boards are identical. I was making some measurements between the good board and the bad board and the only difference was in one of the op amps UPC1270H. I ordered a replacement from China because that is the only place I could find them. Waiting on them now.

This morning I was doing some more testing and saw the smoke. I think the power transistor made contact with the chasis. Anyhow I shorted out a pair of the power transistors. 2SD2066 and 2SB1373.

I can't find any replacements and I don't know how to find a substitute. Does anyone have the knowledge and time to check if these transistors have a substitute. Thank you