Miele Twindos F50

Ondertussen print uit W1 met defect trommelkruis genomen ( zelfde modulenummer) en deze doet het perfect .
Machine werkt dus weer zoals het hoort maar toch wil ik probleem op module verder uitzoeken .
Wordt vervolgd .


Als het 100% in de print zit, meet ook eens de gelijkrichter na.. Sneuvelen ook wel eens

Sorry, english only.

Does it work with the TWINDOS unit unplugged/ disabled through the programming menu?

Is there a short between G and 13v or G and 5v where the twindos plugs in (ST-4 ?)

Your English isn't the problem but the lack of information. Which W1? Post a foto of the model number please. This topic is about motorelectronics so i don't know why you're asking in this topic about twindos? You're asking about short circuits but we don't know what the problem is in your situation. So, you're able to enter the program mode and you have detailed schematics? Can you make a new topic with all information, the more detailed the better, thnx.

Instruction manual? You mean the manufacturers opinion?

Twindos? Dat is warempel de titel van dit draadje, lijkt me geen probleem als iemand hierover begint!
This person is trying to help the OP/TS in my opnion, and not talking about his own problems ;-)

ah, now i see. My bad. Thanks Roland.

Instruction manual? You mean the manufacturers opinion?

I do not have a problem machine.

I am suggesting that the Original person look at the Twindos unit as they have not found an issue with the main ELP.

I think if they cannot find an issue with the ELP then next step is to look at other devices connected.

If the 5V or 15V goes low then what does the machine do?

The ELP supplies main power to the twindos.

Thank you all .
I changed the ELP270 and everything works fine .
So the problem in on the ELP .
Regards .