"Opvolger" van LTspice komt eraan: Qorvo QSPICE


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Mike Engelhardt, de hoofdpersoon achter LTspice, werkt al een aantal jaar niet meer bij Linear/Analog. De ontwikkeling van LTspice staat sindsdien (helaas) ook nagenoeg stil. De afgelopen jaren heeft hij echter zijn ervaring met LTspice gebruikt om een nieuwe (nog betere :) ) circuit simulator te maken en ondertussen is er iets meer bekend over deze software. Ditmaal is er een samenwerking met halfgeleiderfabrikant Qorvo en de simulator heeft dan ook QSPICE als naam gekregen.

Het volgende bericht is onlangs door Mike in de LTspice group geplaatst.

Dear Group!

The simulator I've been working on for the last three years, mentioned here under its code name of S·P·Q·R, will beta imminently as QSPICE.

QSPICE(S·P·Q·R) started out as a mission to get SPICE right. I started anew with the open sources. Found bugs in Kundurt's Sparse Matrix Package that I think can only be found if starting anew with code one already knows. The timestep control is also entirely rearchitected.

But with the help of affiliations with a number of IC design and manufacturing concerns, it turned out to be more than just a more robust and faster analog SPICE program. QSPICE allows one to include massive amounts of digital. I'm humbled that the simulator turned out better than I could have expected. QSPICE responds to the fact that simulation requirements change.

If you wish to participate in the Qorvo QSPICE beta, which is coming soon, you can sign up at https://p.qorvo.com/qspice

Mike Engelhardt
Author of QSPICE

Elders in de LTspice group valt te lezen dat "massive amounts of digital" waarschijnlijk duidt op de ondersteuning van Verilog, QSPICE lijkt dus een mixed signal simulator te worden.

Je kunt je aanmelden voor een "beta" op https://p.qorvo.com/qspice

Interessante ontwikkelingen dus :)

edit: nog een bericht van Mike in bovengenoemde group:

Hi Group,

First, I super appreciate the interest in the new simulator expressed here.

To answer some questions about QSPICE:

The hardware requirements are basically the same hardware requirements of Windows 11, but will run fine on a 64 bit edition of Windows 10. Will not run on Windows 7.

It doesn't read .asc files. It uses an all new file structure which should make it easier for you to share schematics with each other.

QSPICE is not an extension of any other SPICE program. My mission was to start fully anew but "get it right" this time. No artificial damping. No defcons, no compression, better device equation implementations, etc. My goal was to correct the errors in the algorithms used in SPICE, the errors in the Berkeley device equations, and various other implementation errors in the public code.

It is by far the most robust SPICE I've ever seen. It is also the fastest I've seen for traditional transistor-level circuits. When using the new digital capability, it is very many times faster than any SPICE I've seen.

A word about digital: Yes, there are gates and flops and they support delay, rise time, cross conduction or not, etc. But no, there isn't a library of TTL or high voltage CMOS. What it does have are optimizing compilers that convert your HDL to native x86 code so you can run digital logic with your computer's CPU as native object code. With this approach, it should simulate faster than any digital circuit one would implement.

As QSPICE eases into beta, models of IC power products with be added, but the only available models at this time are available only under NDA.

I will be attending and speaking at PCIM in Nürnberg from May 9th through the 11th. We've reserved the Budapest Raum on site, where I'll be giving live demos.

Mike Engelhardt
Author of QSPICE

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Analog Devices brengt nog updates uit van LTspice.
De huidige LTspice versie 17.1.8 is van 14-03-2023.


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EENews: Re-writing Spice for a digital world

It will be on general beta release in July.

Qspice will be free for commercial use and unrestricted, but only available from Qorvo.

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Klinkt goed.
Jammer dat het niet op windows 7 draait....
Ach ja, dan koop ik gewoon een aparte PC met windows 11 voor spice.
Het oude LTspice werkt fantastisch, alleen bij de zwaardere simulaties heb ik vaak defons waarbij ik regelmatig een stuk of 20 keer op de enter toets moet slaan om de simulatie aan de gang te krijgen.
Ik heb vele (zeer) goede ervaringen met LT-spice.

Er ist wieder da...